Importance of Trimming Trees

Trees add to the aesthetics as well as elegance to your home. However, if not maintained properly it looks ugly and apart from that the trees can die due to poor maintenance. When the trees are not looked after well, they can cause damage to your property as well. Perth Arbor services recommend that trees should be trimmed or pruned at least once a year primarily if it is situated close to pavements, power poles or neighboring properties. It is tough for a house owner to know when to trim a tree and also the need for pruning. To create awareness in owners, many initiatives like is organized. Aside from augmenting the appearance of your property, there are many other benefits of trimming a tree. Listed below are a few of them.

Great for the health of the tree: If you are keen on retaining the tree for a long time then pruning or trimming can enhance the life of a tree. By removing the dead or diseased with insects branches before it spreads to the entire tree you are giving the tree a fresh lease on life. Moreover, trimming it provides the tree with a better appearance as you remove the unwanted and overhanging branches, so the other parts of the tree thrive. Eliminating unwanted or infected branches also increases the production of flowers, fruits, and leaves.

Property protection: When the trees have overhanging branches or limbs, and they are weak, they can fall into your home and damage your property. In case of a strong wind or heavy rain, the chances of it landing on the roof and breaking the shingles and damage the roof. If they are left to grow, they may develop over the power lines and is a significant risk to your property as well as the lines. In some states, t is the homeowner’s responsibility to trim trees that are growing out of a private property. The chances of a tree branch breaking and crashing into the windows of your home or car is also great.

Injury to people: It is important to regularly trim trees as it can potentially cause injury to your family in case the tree branch falls on someone in your family. There are also chances of infested limbs falling if bumped into accidentally. Trimming trees regularly, you will be able to reduce the dead weight of a tree, and hence the chances of falling due to heavy wind or snow are less. Moreover, if the tree limb is over a pavement, there is a risk of it falling on pedestrians and cause a lot of complications to you.

Better for the landscape of your property: Trees can tend to hog all the sunlight and water and not allow other plants in their vicinity to grow. Also, trees with large limbs can block sunlight and hence the other plants have stunted growth. Trimming trees will provide better sunshine and air and also improves the overall health of the tree.
By regularly inspecting your landscape you will be able to figure out of the trees you have need trimming.

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