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All You Need To Know About Tower Gardening

tower gardening

People have started to grow their own food as they love to eat healthy vegetables and fruits which are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. People who do not have sufficient space in their backyard can think of alternative ways to grow plants in their house. Tower gardening is an excellent way to grow your food when space is the major constraint. It is a functional garden where you can grow organic vegetables and fruits in a small space. You can learn about the reviews of a garden tower on various online resources. Click on the link to know about vertical planting tower.
The article below introduces the basics of tower gardening and its potential benefits.

What Is Tower Gardening?
It is nothing but a vertical garden which makes use of a tower to grow plants. You can grow plants without soil and just with the help of air and water. You can place this vertical tower on a roof, balcony, terrace or patio. People who have a small garden space in their backyard can also make use of tower garden and save space. It looks attractive and makes your garden space beautiful. It is ideal for people who are interested in organic farming.

There are various benefits of choosing a tower garden to grow your food. One of the primary advantages is space. It is feasible to grow vegetables of your own in a small area. As there is no need of soil for the growth of the plants, there are fewer chances of pests attacking your garden. You may not burden with the job of removing weeds from your garden as there is no soil present in the tower garden. Traditional gardening demands that you bend your entire body for watering or maintaining the garden bed. But as the tower gardens are vertical you need no bend or work hard to take care of the garden. Thus people who suffer from back pain or knee problems can opt for tower garden in their use. Another significant benefit of growing a tower garden is that it is cost-effective. Just an initial investment will do. You need not spend more on maintenance. Also, you can see that plants that grow in tower garden mature soon than the plants that grow on soil. So you can enjoy the fruits of your labor soon.

How Does It Work?
Tower garden is made up of a plastic vertical column which contains hydroponic net plots throughout. A pump is installed internally to pump water inside the tower so that the roots get sufficient amount of water. The tower also contains a reservoir containing liquid fertilizer which offers essential nutrients for the plants. Ensure that proper sunlight is offered to the tower garden. Installing a tower garden take only a few hours. Transplant the matured seedling in the tower and carry out your regular garden maintenance.

The cost of a tower to grow your own food starts from $500. It may sound expensive, but it is worth the money as you can grow twenty different plants in a single tower. There are tower garden family packages available by which you can save a lot of money.

The above are the basic things that you should be aware of before establishing a tower garden in your house.

Landscape Designing With Heart Touching Perfection

A landscaper needs to have a fantastic vision with the support of which he’s able to envisage the results of any specific project of landscaping. In the previous days the landscapers used pencil and paper for devising their landscaping strategies but today, with the coming of the landscaping software, the whole procedure has become very straightforward. Landscaping is unquestionably uplifted to a higher level, as a result of modern landscaping program. However, the landscaper has to be clear in his ideas about the job which he’s undertaking. He should have a viable plan that’s practical enough.

The landscaper should also conduct an evaluation of the terra firma of this project. The qualities of this terra firma would enable him to determine whether his further plans may be easily practiced or there’s a room for some changes. The natural features of this space should also be taken into utter consideration by the landscaper. After each and every organic facet is inspected, the landscaper should then begin designing the space. He should plan out different themes and shapes which would transform the look of the space to a superior level.

The landscaper should split the whole space into four important sectors i.e. the plant areas, feature, paths and the open places. The decided shapes and themes should be subsequently according set within these sectors. The entrance and exit of the water ought to be considered before beginning the design work. The requirement of various kinds of irrigation systems from the land would appear if plants, trees and grasses are included in the whole project. However, the landscape designing applications may be very valuable so as to design the layout of your job.

After the whole landscape designing task is chosen, the landscaper should then consider the need materials and their costs. After each and every requirement was known, the landscaping job would be readily initiated.

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